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Through history and across cultures there are consistent features, albeit with meaningful variety over time and space, in sexual attraction to the point that it makes sense of speak of specific sexual orientations. But the Bible also clearly shows that all human beings have a propensity to sin differently. One strategy for addressing the latter challenge is to test the plausibility of alternative explanations; for example, Hatzenbuehler et al. Other churches such as the Methodist Church had experienced trials of clergy in same-sex relations who some claimed were a violation of religious principles resulting in mixed verdicts dependent on geography. Data sets that include information from both partners in a relationship i. The best known case of possible homosexuality in Ancient Egypt is that of the two high officials Nyankh-Khnum and Khnum-hotep. Although we discuss details of specific studies, the present article is not intended to be a comprehensive review of research findings on same-sex relationships; our primary focus is on data concerns and methodological strategies.

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An actor—partner interdependence model approach.

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University of Chicago Press. Similarly, Bruce Bawer and Andrew Sullivan have written eloquent defenses of full legal equality for gays and lesbians, including marriage rights. As one of the most articulate queer theorists puts it: The impact of institutional discrimination of psychiatric disorders in lesbian, gay, and bisexual populations: Some religious groups have even promoted boycotts of corporations whose policies support same-sex relations.

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In the sections that follow we point to some specific challenges to, advances in, and strategies for research on same-sex relationships. Umberson D, Montez JK. Religions have had differing views about love and sexual relations between people of the same sex. The Spanish conquerors were horrified to discover sodomy openly practiced among native peoples, and attempted to crush it out by subjecting the berdaches as the Spanish called them under their rule to severe penalties, including public executionburning and being torn to pieces by dogs. By the fourth and fifth centuries the mainstream Christian view allowed for procreative sex.

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