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I thought maybe it was the Northern Lights. If they only heard it as scientific instruments rattling or if the sound was the whole point. His fingers on my head told me it was. Some with boldness who kept going until the leader told them to stop. Or give in to it? I fell upwards into the air.

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As long as I was a good human I was safe.

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Alien Abduction

To free his other hand. I stopped thinking and started feeling. Each shaped slightly off. Their fingers still curious and uncertain traced in little circles and lines over my bare chest and abdomen. The alien behind me, the one taking off my jacket, he said something and the others around me cooed and their touch became more purposeful.

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It was a good specimen to study. The aliens gathered around my lower torso hands still on my stomach and thighs and all eyes were on my cock. I fought the rising pleasure and the need to explode. And like the dummy I am I stood and stared up at it. I saw the fingers pinching it and rubbing the brown fabric. It was a warm day, but probably still early morning.

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