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The Yogyakarta Principles note that: Since Kazakhstan gained independence from the Soviet Union infear and abuse have continued to drive LGBT people in Kazakhstan to conceal their identities and curtail their free expression. The use of modern technology, though, has not eliminated the risk of attack. Syinat Sultanalieva provided valuable interpretation and research assistance in Kazakhstan. Qishloq Ovozi Majlis Podcast:

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Those who attempt to report incidents have encountered inadequate, negligent, and ignorant responses from social services and law enforcement.

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'All of us will be victims at some point': why Bishkek's only gay club closed

The image depicted two male cultural icons, Kazakh composer Kurmangazy Sagyrbaiuly and Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin, kissing. Three people interviewed by Human Rights Watch referenced past experiences of abuse, but declined to recount these experiences because they were traumatic. On 26 Maythe Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan declared a pending bill, which would have banned the "propaganda of nontraditional sexual orientation", unconstitutional. LGBT people are banned from serving in the military. A handful of interviews were conducted in Russian with a Russian-speaking researcher.

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But beyond the absence of enumerated protections on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity, other policies in Kazakhstan openly discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, stigmatizing LGBT people. Saka Kangju Wusun Huns. He tells his clients the owner of the company is his sister and that she lives abroad, which has enabled him to maintain some basic income after he visibly transitioned. A handful of interviews were conducted in Russian with a Russian-speaking researcher. A world survey of laws prohibiting same sex activity between consenting adults" PDF. Meet Ukraine's Presidential Candidates.

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