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Very limited number of plants available in At least you still have double fernleaf, I miss it a lot. Oberon46 Jun 29, 7: Dawn Glow is one of it's parents. And the shape of the flower is not right to me. The glossy reflective surface of the petals is a unique feature of this flower. Joker Marked as President Roosevelt but it should be red, right?

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Wow, just gorgeous peonies, everyone!

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Gay Cavalier

The little stems just grow about four inches then flop over. It always looks neat and the stems hold the flowers up beautifully. You have made me miss my peonies already! This one is from Hidden Springs. At least, I think that is Bowl of Beauty.

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Connie Edmonton, Alberta area Canada Zone 3a. That isn't entirely true. A popular variety in Canada it is hard to find in the US. Claudia [ Last edited by anyagoro - Jun 29, 6: This one is from Hidden Springs. Planted last fall it had 3 flower buds but I left only one to enjoy 6 Quote Post 2. This is one that shows up on a lot of wish lists at the peony shows.

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