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Does Jacob Young smoke cigarettes or weed? Sort of having seen them fucking with my own eyes, I know they were together. Jacob Young documentarian FAQs: Thanks for the dirt, Bob. I can't find any trace of it now, so maybe he was able to get it taken down. You can look at the same scene in a totally different way if you know or think that the guy's gay.

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I hear her pursued Justin until Justin and Alexa Havins became an item, and then he backed off.

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Hobbits, Elves and Men are the three broad categories that describe our boys. Retrieved March 25, Any scene where Lucky and Nikolas were fighting which was just about all of them when the Jacob debutedit always felt like they really wanted to kiss each. Jacob just stared and stared at that thing. Archived from the original on June 28, But he'd also be chasing after Casey Deidrick too.

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I hear that it all started in the dressing room of the brooding brunet after he made one too many cracks about the blond-enhanced newcomer. Jacob Wayne Young born September 10, is an American actor and singer. Probably sent him back to pussy for good. Loved his bald pate during that cancer storyline last year. However, being younger than 50, we hope that everything is ok. Pratfalls are definitely not his strongsuit, I think I may have broken something laughing the first time I saw this, definitely something you will replay more than once. He won an Emmy but so did a lot of other guys like Justin Torkkildsen who haven't worked much since soaps.

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