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The Counseling Psychologist. Running in place: As such, pastors offered a variety of explanations for why youth might be gay including the influence of the media, the lack of father figures, childhood sexual abuse, and the manipulation by adult gay predators. Are there other people at your church who are gay who aren't open about it? Furthermore, given the significant health and social consequences associated with stigma and homonegativity, reducing stigma around homosexuality is critical for HIV prevention, as stigma can directly influence HIV risk behaviors and interfere with the effectiveness of HIV prevention activities.

black pastors who are openly gay
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Inclusion criteria required youth had current or recent religious involvement and thus, the prevalence of faith-based homonegativity and the importance of religion may be greater among.

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Enlarge this image. Interventions and collaborations with churches should focus on reducing the stigma around homosexuality within religious congregations, recognizing that stigma need not always come by way of direct verbal assaults or discrimination. The issue that we wrestle with is … the issue is, who is the Church for? New York:

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Sladenow a favorite in the LGBT music scene.

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