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I find I am just as guilty thinking ridiculous questions about him as I feel about my fans who ask this crap about me. The soul patch Michael's sporting on Napa Style gave it away. And while I agree that it's none of our business, Michael fools no one. Did you know that he is to open a restaurant in ! He is definitely not gay. How can anyone find someone who is gross and crass attractive in any way?

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They do, though, write titles for BIs reprinted from other sites.

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Chef Michael Chiarello Hit With Serious Sexual-Harassment Allegations

When he was back home in Australia on reality TV, he lived with 4 other guys in Melbourne, one of whom was a drag queen - they were all gay. My husband Ned and I had the incredible opportunity to see Michael Chiarello in Sarasota Florida this past weekend who, yes, did squeeze a lemon with his teeth. This is what is called a healthy sex drive? It's free so why not? You guys were way off on this one!

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And while I agree that it's none of our business, Michael fools no one. But yes, fair amount of lusting involved here. Chiarello has the gayest accent on Food Network other than Anne Burrell. It's pretty sad when he even comes in here to post that he respects bloggers rights but wants to set the record straight a bit and people still question it. The one that isn't gay or straight;perhaps BOTH.

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