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Photography Staff— Front How: Competing as the smallest ACC school, the team captured seventh place overall in the Conference, scor- ing an all time high of 44 points. Cater led the offense with 24 goals, fol- lowed closely by sophomore Gary Bucceri with The rebels must prove that they can make the transition for hit-and-run attackers to disciplined militaians. Combining socializing, learning, and worship, the students held their annual retreat at the the Quallah Boundary Cherokee Indian Reserva- tion last year.

The Deacons were behind at the end of the first half

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Though study abroad in the "Third World was a new experience for Berry, it was one that had many positive benefits. With the new coliseum, and if everybody stays, we'll be suc- cessful next year. Team captains Mike Elkins and Ernie I'm nsley take to the field for the coin toss. The Wake Forest Women's Basketball team finished the season with a record overall, defeating many top op- ponents. The purpose of the troops was to protect the 52, Americans living in Panama and the 28, "zonies. Several members of the Wake Forest com- munity were honored following the address.

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The group has had its shaky moments, but its success has been incredible. One of the highlights of the season shines on sophomore Sara White. Team captains Mike Elkins and Ernie I'm nsley take to the field for the coin toss. Finally, the last notable change was the redefining and shifting of the duties of Provost Edwin Wilson. The team's overall improved performance resul- ted from the consistent talent from the distance runners and the additi- onal talent of field events participants and sprinters. Coming off an optimistic year inthe Deacons hoped to cap off the season with the one missing link-qualifying for the NCAA Cham- pionships. So why climb it?