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Marital status data for the respondents is illustrated in Table 2. The authors concluded that no single scale is clearly superior in measuring the complex concept of patient satisfaction. Sox did concede that the study was conducted using sound research 16 methodology that resulted in strong interval validity. No significant differences in clinical outcome or patient satisfaction were demonstrated between nurse practitioners and physicians, 18 concluding the general acceptability of advanced practice nurses in the emergency department setting. The provision of on site, employer sponsored nurse practitioner healthcare services which are perceived as acceptable and satisfactory to employees and families affords significant opportunity to both employee 3 and employer, including enhanced wellness, facilitated health promotion, and reduced overall organizational healthcare costs. The amount of time required by patients to wait before seeing a health care provider was found to be inversely correlated with overall satisfaction. Conclusion Five A major premise resulting in the inception and approval by administration of the Employee Health Services Clinic at the Study Hospital was its anticipated cost effectiveness to the organization.

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Primary Health Care Research and Development, 4,

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Mean substitution was utilized for missing data fields for Likert-type data only so that data from the full sample of participants could be retained for analysis. Patient satisfaction determinants frequently include individual expectations, subjectivity, and perceptions. Nurse practitioners are in a unique position to address the current and emergent problems of the United States healthcare delivery system. These included providing for needs, treating pleasantly, caring, being competent, and providing prompt care. Subjects were allowed to remain in the examination room following the visit for purposes of anonymity and confidentiality in completing the survey. A final recommendation is further made to compare satisfaction levels with nurse practitioners among the 18 to 25 year old populations within different geographic regions of the United States as well as different healthcare settings. In order to achieve this objective, individual patient satisfaction scores were computed for each participant following exploratory factor analysis with principal axis factoring and promax rotation of the 28 interval level instrument variables.

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Medical Care Research and Review, 61 3 Further recommendations include the expansion of research into nurse practitioner patient satisfaction to the 12 to 17 year age groups to determine if similar predictors of patient satisfaction exist. These studies all demonstrate the tremendous financial savings and cost benefits realized by utilizing mid level providers such as nurse practitioners in the delivery of primary health care services. Health Insurance Respondents were also asked to indicate their type of personal health insurance coverage. Evaluating the use of exploratory factor analysis in psychological research.